About Us

ZipDripConnections Background

Hello world,

Trevon Bell, CEO at Zip Drip Connections LLC. We are the first company to have fully customizable Zipper attachments. From metal type to paint finish the possibilities are limitless to what we are able to create. Our zippers are programmable by Dynamic QR code allowing us to gather data for further experimentation. i.e, Scans by Location (GPS), Scans by Device(I.P), Top Performing Codes, Etcetera. (Link to more info) ZipDrip uses zipper attachments to boost attention to your company or brand creating more customers, leads, and awareness. The zippers themselves are a HVLC item that will generate a healthy ROI for your business.

At Zip Drip Connections, we’re more than just a company that makes zipper pulls; we’re a team fueled by a unique blend of expertise and passion. We leverage cutting-edge technology to transform the humble zipper pull into a powerful tool for brand awareness, user engagement, and data collection.

Expertise You Can Trust:

  • Innovation at Our Core: We’re a forward-thinking team with a deep understanding of programmable technology and its potential applications. We’re constantly pushing boundaries to develop innovative solutions that elevate the functionality and appeal of zipper pulls.
  • Masters of Collaboration: We believe in the power of teamwork. Our team comprises creative minds, technical experts, and marketing specialists who work together seamlessly to translate your vision into a reality.
  • Commitment to Quality: We take pride in the quality of our products and services. We utilize high-grade materials and meticulous manufacturing processes to ensure every zipper pull we create is not only functional but also visually stunning.

A Passion for Zippers Redefined:

While the idea might spark a smile, our passion for zippers is deeply rooted in their potential. We see them as more than just a fastener; they’re a blank canvas waiting to be transformed. Here’s what excites us:

  • Elevating the Ordinary: We believe everyday objects hold untapped potential. With our programmable zipper pulls, we aim to elevate the ordinary, adding a touch of tech and interactivity to clothing, accessories, and beyond.
  • Unlocking New Possibilities: We’re thrilled about the possibilities our technology unlocks. It empowers brands to connect with their audience in exciting new ways, while offering artists a unique platform to showcase their creativity.
  • Building a Movement: We envision a future where our passion is contagious. We hope to inspire others to see the potential in everyday objects, fostering creativity across various industries.

Brand Awareness at Your Fingertips:

We understand the importance of brand recognition in today’s competitive landscape. Our programmable zipper pulls offer a unique and interactive way to:

  • Boost Brand Exposure: QR code technology allows you to encode website URLs, social media handles, or promotional messages directly onto the zipper pull. With a simple scan, users can connect with your brand seamlessly.
  • Drive User Engagement: Our technology goes beyond passive advertising. It creates opportunities for interactive experiences, encouraging users to connect and learn more about your brand story.
  • Gather Valuable Data: Track QR code scans to gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences. This information can be used to refine your marketing strategies and create targeted campaigns for maximum impact.

By combining our expertise, passion for zippers, and dedication to brand awareness, Zip Drip Connections is committed to transforming a simple fastener into a powerful tool for businesses, artists, and anyone who wants to make a lasting impression.